Designing game narrative

How do you tell a great story with a game? The answer lies not just in the plot and dialogue, but in the very structure of the game design itself. In this article, we talk about why storytelling needs to revolve around the interactive nature of the medium. Come and learn how to identify great game narrative, and to understand the importance of interactive — rather than cinematic — storytelling.

Dustforce sales figures

Dustforce is just over a year old now. How well has it fared in the past year, and what does that mean for Hitbox Team? In this article, we discuss in great detail the financial performance of Dustforce, in the context of our own goals for the game. Come and learn about some of the financial issues of a tiny development team, such as how we funded Dustforce, and how much it costs to make a game.

Mystery and mastery

We've been working hard on our next project, a game called Spire. Now that our design of the game is starting to come together, we'd like to share some details about it. In this article, we give an overview of the game, as well as discuss our goals for the design and feel of Spire.

A new beginning

Welcome to the new Hitbox Team blog! Now that Dustforce is finished, what's next from Hitbox Team? In this article, we lay down a roadmap for the things to come. Come read about a new update, Dustforce in the new Humble Indie Bundle, and our new new project.