Spire development livestream

Spire is coming together, and we're going to livestream our progress for the next two months. Come watch us develop the game from our shed in rural Australia, as we work on getting the game ready for its first trailer.

Our upcoming game, Spire, has been coming along slowly, but it's now finally starting to take shape. Over the last year, we've encountered and overcame many technical challenges, such as implementing the networking code and the sloped voxel system. We've also been working remotely across the world, spread out among Australia, San Francisco, and Cincinnati, which has been difficult for us for staying organized and focused.

However, we've recently come together in our shed in rural Australia and are ready to churn on the game for a good two months. We hope to have our first trailer ready by the end of it, and we want you to watch us get there! Starting this Sunday, April 6, we will be livestreaming our development from Sunday through Thursday at 5:30pm-8:00pm PDT every week, for eight weeks. You can watch our stream on Twitch.tv and chat with us as we work. You can also get involved on our new Spire subreddit, /r/Spire. We've also created a Spire website at SpireGame.com.

The workspace in our humble shed. Watch us fight off spiders and sleep on the floor.

Also, you can expect a new post here every other week for the duration of our churn in the shed. We'll be focusing on writing about some of the technical details of the game, such as the effects system, the tile and voxel system, and the lighting. We'll also have daily snippets of development progress on our Tumblr page.

We're happy to finally start seeing our long project coming together, and we're excited to have you join us in the fun. To mark our new chapter in our development, and to illustrate our transition from 2D to 3D, we've created a new Hitbox Team logo:

by Terence Lee
April 4, 2014
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