Spire progress report

Spire has been in development for over four years now. Recently, we've surpassed some milestones we set for ourselves, by starting to wrap up and combine the systems we've been building for the past few years. We'd like to share some screenshots of our work so far, and talk about what we've been working on.

Dustforce DX update released

It's finally here! Dustforce DX is a free update to Dustforce with new content and community-made maps. It also is now playable right in your browser. We've also restructured the game world to be more accessible to newer players - you can read about our intentions with these changes in this article.

Spire development livestream

Spire is coming together, and we're going to livestream our progress for the next two months. Come watch us develop the game from our shed in rural Australia, as we work on getting the game ready for its first trailer.

Designing game narrative

How do you tell a great story with a game? The answer lies not in the plot and dialogue, but in the very structure of the game design itself. In this article, we talk about why storytelling needs to revolve around the interactive nature of the medium. Come and learn how to identify great game narrative, and to understand the importance of interactive rather than cinematic storytelling.